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Members Club

This membership is not for everyone. This is an exclusive members club for those who want “beyond VIP” access to the absolute best in lifestyle and entertainment access. The THREE SIXTY membership is open to a select group of vetted individuals who will benefit from 24/7 access to high-end events, A-list parties and the opportunity to connect with the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment.

THREE SIXTY is a unique events and entertainment access service for our members. Our dedicated Entertainment Concierges connect our members with a hand-selected collection of the world's most desirable events, parties and lifestyle experiences that are otherwise inaccessible to the public.

THREE SIXTY can also offer members preferential reservations at 5-star restaurants around the world, private travel accommodations, and access to invite-only parties hosted by and luxury brands and A-list celebrities.

Membership Types & Benefits:

Member Benefits
À la carte
ONE EIGHTY Membership
THREE SIXTY Membership
Dedicated Entertainment Concierge with less than 4 hour response time
Immediate family members also entitled to full access and privileges of the membership
Access to Annual Member Event Calendar
Domestic Entertainment Access
International Entertainment Access
Access to Your Choice of 2 Top Tier Events Per Year
Invitations to THREE SIXTY Members Only Events
First Access to VVIP+ Events with Limited Availability (not open to the public)
A-List Party + Afterparty Invitations
Access to Last Minute Open Seats at Concerts, Games & Shows
Private Travel Accommodations
Reservations at 5-Star Restaurants
10% Off Rolex Purchases
Annual Members Gift
Annual Membership Fee
5% Non-Members fee applied to each event

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation and can expect a response from our member services team within a week. Your application will be considered at the next suitable membership committee meeting, no explanations will be given for the refusal of an application.

There is a one-time registration fee of $100 for each application. If your application is successful, your application fee will be applied to your annual membership payment.