NFL Playoffs

The NFL playoffs are in full swing and after last weeks insane wild card games we are officially in the quarterfinals. The Houston Texans managed to fight off the Buffalo Bills, while the Tennessee Titans managed to eliminate last year's champions, the New England Patriots to secure a spot in the AFC quarterfinals.

On the flipside, the Minnesota Vikings eliminated the New Orleans Saints on a controversial no-call touchdown in overtime, while the Seattle Seahawks eliminated the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL’s most watched game since Super Bowl 53.

NFL Quarter Finals Schedule

1/11-Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers (San Francisco 1:35 PM)
1/11-Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens (Baltimore 5:15 PM)
1/12-Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs (Kansas City 12:05 PM)
1/12-Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers (Green Bay, Wisconsin 3:40 PM)
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